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17.08.2011 11:51

EP under way

Asiago are working on their next release, a 4-track EP.

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28.02.2011 15:58

Asiago at Rockefeller April 9

Asiago will play Rockefeller in Oslo along with two other artists, Moi and Rolffa.

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EP under way

17.08.2011 11:51 by Erlend Naalsund (2 comments)

Asiago are working on their next release, the recording process is close to finished. It is an EP with both pop/rock songs and longer more epic songs. A radio single from the EP will be released in good time before the EP. More info on release dates later.

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Comment by Henrik | 30.08.2011

Nydelig! Bra dere forsatt holder koken, husker når Kristian ble med dere for lenge, lenge siden nå.
Søren at jeg gikk glipp av dere på Rockefeller, håper dere kommer tilbake snart.

Comment by ThonD | 20.01.2012

Gikk itj så bra d eller?
Please add 8 and 4.*